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Dominic Miller

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Dominic Miller

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Dominic Miller

"Worrying is like praying for what you don't want"

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Hello friends, followers and those who are curious,

Just two more shows to go with Sting & Paul Simon on what has been one of the most fulfilling tours in my career. It goes without saying that sharing the journey with Sting, Vinnie, David, Peter and Jo is always a privilege, but working alongside Paul and all his musicians has definitely raised the bar to my musicianship. So I'm happy to report my playing and musical awareness are on the ascendant.

What goes up must come down though. Right now I'm appreciating all the comforts more than usual because it's all about to change as I soon hit the road around Europe with my band. No more Four Seasons hotels for me. Three Seasons more like. So I'm stealing the soaps, creams, small towels etc. (the dressing gowns are harder to steal but I do have a technique there). No longer will I have the luxury of being so immaculately looked after by Richie Mazzeta, the best guitar tech in the business. From now on I'll be set up by the most incompetent and lazy tech with his own aspirations of being a top guitarist. I'll let you decide who that might be ;)

However, I love the contrast between both roles. In fact, I couldn't do one without the other. I couldn't run my band without the Sting tours and I don't believe I'd have much to offer Sting without doing my band. All I ever dreamt of was to travel with musicians. I got my "degree" playing in small clubs and pubs so returning there is a pilgrimage I simply have to make. My dreams have, and are still coming true.

Now I will take a much needed break, leave the guitar in its case, and concentrate on my family and loved ones. How could I possibly do any music at all without their inspiration?

I hope I see some of you in Europe.