Dominic Miller


Dominic Miller

Even more fun coming up in Turkey!

Dominic Miller

To my friends in Turkey, I hope I see you soon.…

Dominic Miller

Ok, I look a bit moody here. I didn't choose it. Anyway, I hope I see my lovely Japanese friends there. Hi Manami :)

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Music music and more music in Slovenia and Germany

Hi everyone, here's a quick update. After my band tour we went to Ljubljana to rehearse and perform a selection of my tunes with the national orchestra. Quite humbling hearing my little riffs mostly written around the kitchen table, in my car, in a hotel room etc realised by such a great orchestra.  

Since then I have been involved in two studio projects, both in Germany. The first was a Deutsche Grammophon production in Berlin with Avitall, the premier Jewish cantor in Europe who I've worked with over the years. The music is absolutely stunning, particularly a hauntingly beautiful rendition of "Jerusalem" written by Naomi Shemer in 1967 after the six day war.

The second was near Munster working in the capacity of producer on an album for pianist Florian Weber accompanied by the Dogma string orchestra. Florian, to my ears, is the most creative and important pianist I have heard in years. He's also a brilliant chess player and destroyed me many times. Dogma are a multi award wining ensemble based in Germany. They are young, brilliant and most importantly a lot of fun. It was an unforgettable experience and I'm sure we'll be doing more.

On both sessions I made it a priority to have a TV in the studio so I could follow the World Cup. That was my only need. Not too much of a diva request I hope you agree. As most of you know I was born in Argentina and lived there till I was eleven. When it comes to sport, any patriotism I may have lies there. I have always supported Argentina above any country in all sports. As I write it's Saturday the 12th of July and the final is tomorrow. By the time you read this I will either be ecstatically happy or really fucking moody and unlikely to be willing to visit Germany too soon or too easily.

Either way, I am now chilling. Soon I go to Italy with my band for some more shows. As many of you already know the Sting & Paul Simon show is hitting the road again in January 2015 starting in Australasia. If I don't see you before, see you then.