First Touch



First Touch 20th anniversary edition

Eclipse | Do You Want Me | February Sun | Rush Hour | La Boca | Looking For | Buenos | Aires | Scan | David | Ten Years | Last Dance | Urban Waltz | Luberon | Carnaval

In 1995 Dominic released his first solo album "First Touch". This was followed up by ten more albums up until today.
Bit by bit the press and live audiences have been won over becoming increasingly enthusiastic about the harmonic qualities of this guitar all-rounder.

Dominic receives regular euphoric reviews in which terms such as grace, sensitivity and sensuality pepper descriptions. If he More and more often when not touring with Sting his is on tour worldwide with his own top-class band.

Many of his fans still consider this debut album "First Touch", which was self-released, to be amongst his best. Now, after 20 years, it has been remastered with three bonus tracks.

"First Touch" also comes in special packaging as a portrait digipack.


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